ScoreBridge - Download and Installation
Only suitable for PC computors
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  1. Download the ScoreBridge program here
    Free trial period. Our bridge club will pay for permanent license

  2. Receive (from another Scorer) the following files specific to our bridge club
    1. PlayersDatabase
    2. Club Preferences
    3. Curent Handicap file
    4. Movement files
      3R TBB 4123 15bds
      5R 15D TBB 613452
      7R 14b 81 63 72 45

  3. Open ScoreBridge → the Events window appears

  4. Pick up the above files one by one and just drop them into the ScoreBridge Evenpts page.

  5. Initially you will reveive a Trial key from ScoreBridge by email
    Type the trial key into → System → Input Trial Key

  6. Eventually you will reveive a Permanent License key by email
    Type the Permanent key into → System → Input Permanent License Key

ScoreBridge operators are : Ali, Clare, Debbie, Elisabeth, Linda, Philippa

© 2017 Michael Furstner