Ipswitch WS_FTP - Download and Installation
Only suitable for PC computers
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  1. Obtain a bridge4u folder with contents from the memory stick of one of the website operators or from Philippa or Rosemary. Copy and past this folder with its contents onto your PC Desktop.

  2. Download the Ipswitch WS_FTP file transfer here www.wsftple.com/
    Then follow the installation prompts.
    Free trial period. Pay online, refunded by our club.

  3. Open the WS_FTP program. A page with two halves appears.
    The left side is a window into your computer. Navigate to your Desktop and open the bridge4u folder. Its contents will now be displayed in the left window.

  4. The right side of the page is a window into the website.

  5. Open the "Connection Wizard" and type in the details on the screens that follow :
    1. Site name = bridge4u
    2. Connection type = FTP (leave as it is)
    3. Host Name = (also called "Server address")
    4. User name = f143786 (also called UserID)
    5. Password = obtain from our Club Executive

  6. Connect to our website by pressing the Connection button.

  7. In the right window (into our website) a few folders and files appear.
    1. Open the folder webpages. Another set of folders appears
    2. Open the folder httpdocks. Yet another set of folders appears
    3. Open the folder bridge4u. The contents of folders and some of the files on our website now occupies the right window.

  8. The full screen no shows the bridge4u folders and files on your computer in the left window, and the bridge4u folders and files on our website in the right window.

  9. You can transfer any file from left to right or from right to left by highlighting the file, then pressing the appropriate arrow (located between the two windows).
    A sound is heard when the file transfer has been completed.

  10. Select "Options" on top of the page → Transfers
    Click the option "Don't prompt to overwrite (always overwrite)"
    This way you will no be prompted every time you transfer a file.

Ipswitch WS_FTP operators are : Kay W., Liz T.

© 2017 Michael Furstner