Movements of files and boards for each Bridge session
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The following outlines the flow of files and boards for each session. It is also shown on the diagram below.

Diagram files-board

The action starts with the BOS Operator who checks (and occasionally tweaks) the computer generated deals, and then produces two files :

  • PDF files for the Dealers to deal the hands

  • PBN files for the Scorers, who includes this in the ScoreBridge results page

    For the time being both these file types are sent to me until everyone is up to speed with his/her function.

The BOS Operator emails the PDF files to all Dealers, and the PBN files to all Scorers.
This way any Dealer or Scorer can fill in for someone else if required without having to ask around for the appropriate file.

All files will be named :

Month (2 digits) Day (2 digits) Weekday (3 letters)
For example : 0715sat (Saturday July 15)

The Dealer will hand deal all deals for a session and give them to the Director in charge of that session.

The Director runs the session as normal.
At the end the Director collects the boards and hand them back to the Dealer and hands the Travelers to the Scorer for that session.

The Director also informs the Scorer what movement was used for the session and any specifics (like arrow switch round 4, Rover pair 6NS, one round not played, etc.) which may have occurred.

The Scorer produces the results with ScoreBridge and includes the PBN file (showing the deals above each displayed traveler) and the Handicap file.
(For the time being I will update the Handicap file every 2-3 months or so while in Spain, until one of the more experienced scorers takes over this task.)

The Scorer emails the results HTM file to the Web Master who will make any formatting adjustments as required and post the file on the web site.

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