BOS - Download and Installation
Only suitable for PC computors
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  1. We have the BOS program on memory stick (one held by Rosemary, one by Philippa).
    Rosemary also has the HandyUp card sensor, Ray has the other one.
    You need both software and HandyUp machine to install the BOS program.
    (You can also download the BOSS program here : BOS software

  2. After installation open BOS and click "Create New"
    Type in "test" or any other name, then press "Create"

  3. The Green buttons screen appears, select "Randomize"
    Click OK when the screen "About DupSoft" appears.

  4. The Settings page appears.
    Select Up to "16" boards, "Deal and Duplicate" and "Edit"
    Then press "Save"

  5. In case no cards are shown on the Deal 1 page, go to "Settings" and select "Show", then back to "Edit" and un tick "Suppress cards from screen"

  6. Back at the Deal 1 screen select "Duplication" → "Single Duplication"
    On the next page select "HandyUp" and plug the HandyUp machine into your computer.
    A message appears "HandyUp recognized".

  7. Place a handful of cards into the handi cradle and feed them one after the other at a constant speed through the sensor. A red light lights up, showing the card to go to the N, E, S or W hand.

  8. After feeding through a few cards, hold one card back after feeding it through theHandyUp. Feed a few more cards through, then feed the previously fed card for a second time through the HandyUp machine.

  9. The Message "Error" appears and "Re-do Deal".

  10. The software now has recognized and worked with the HandyUp machine.
    The Demo setting is unlocked and you can access your created "test" deals.
    Your machine is ready for use, You can now randomize new deals without the HandyUp machine.

Recommendation 1
On the Deal 1 page select "System" → "Document settings"
Here you can set our bridge club's usual settings like :
16 deals
Deal & Randomize
Un tick "Suppress cards from screen"
Tick "Start makable automatically"
These setting will now automatically apply to all your new deals series.

Recommendation 2
Dealing hands with the HandyUp machine is time consuming and errors occur regularly, forcing you to re-do the whole process again.
Therefore use either the Deal screens yourself, or send a PDF file of the Deals to the person dealing the hands. Then deal all deals by hand. It takes about 40 minutes for 16 deals.

BOS operators are :
Debbie W. (Tuesday deals)
Rosemary W. (Wednesday deals)
Clare H. (Saturday deals)

© 2017 Michael Furstner