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At the invitation of the Trailer Boat Club Management to set up a bridge club at their premises, Michael Furstner our Mentor, started a Beginners Course there in April 2013.
At the Course's completion regular play commenced at the Trailer Boat Club.
Now we run 5 regular sessions each week either at the Trailer Boat Club or at the BUFF Club.

Trailer Boat Club
As a club we strive to achieve three objectives, which sets us apart from other Clubs in the area playing bridge.
  1. A courteous behaviour at the table and sociable attitude at all times (especially towards Novices)
  2. Strictly 2-hour sessions of play (playing 14-16 deals), so that players who need to be at work early next day can be back home early.
  3. Aiming to improve skill levels of all players, through regular lessons and coaching sessions conducted each week and an online practice facility.

Our club is not affiliated with the Australian Bridge Federation (ABF) and we do not award Master points.
At the present we have about 50 regular members, the majority of whom are relative Novices, having only recently started to play bridge.
From now on we plan to grow slowly, restricting our regular membership to 60 members at the most, in order to maintain the happy social nature of our club.

Who can join us ?  
Visitors from interstate bridge clubs are welcome to our club sessions but should contact one of the Executive members listed below to be invited.
Karen - Ken - Philippa - Rosemary

Anyone of our bridge club members may also invite guests, including other local bridge club members, for a short period of time (up to a month).
Such guests may become regular members provided that after a month they are sponsored by 4 regular club members including a least two Directors.

We are a tight knit social club playing bridge (using duplicate bridge as the bonding medium), not a bridge club with a social touch.
In principle we only accept new members through our Beginners Courses.

The Bridge4u Executive.