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Bidding System
A coherent Natural bidding system for Discerning players
Our Social Bridge Bidding System evolves through three stages from Basic to Advanced.
Every bridge club member is most welcome to settle down at the Basic level if he/she is most comfortable with that.
But within our Bridge Club we provide the tuition and support to progress further in terms of skill level and intelligent appreciation if you feel so inclined.
The three levels are:
  1. Basic: Beginners Course of 5 lessons
    6 individual lessons during the following 6-8 months.
  2. Intermediate, after 1-3 years of play
    8 individual lessons over 6-8 months
  3. Advanced, after 2-5 years of play
    8 individual lessons over 6-8 months
The transition from one level to the next is seamless, consisting mainly of added Conventions which require very few changes.
Throughout, the essence of a natural bidding system with 5-card majors is maintained.