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The Inner Game of Bridge
Bridge is what you make of it. For many it is just a game.
For some it is much more!
Just consider the elements involved:
You communicate and play with a Partner
You compete against two Opponents
You must make decisions, both in bidding and in play
With all three above your emotions and/or your mind set are involved.
Much of your general attitude and character are exposed at the bridge table!
  1. Do you show irritation or anger when your Partner makes a mistake, or are you supportive and forgiving?
  2. Do you gloat when you win or are you humble when victorious?
  3. Are you grumpy when you lose or are you gracious in defeat?
  4. Do you let your Partner make the decisions or do you take responsibility when required?
  5. Is your glass always half empty when assessing your strategy or is it half full?
These are just the obvious points. A range of attitudes, each one variable between two extremes, are exposed while playing bridge. Michael Looking at it from a positive and productive perspective, playing bridge provides an ideal opportunity to check and improve you general attitude towards others and towards making decisions.
In the relaxed environment of playing cards you can hone your people skills required in life away from the bridge table.

It is easy to get into this.
Next time after a bridge session, don't just review how well you played, but how well you succeeded with your inner game of bridge.
Review your attitude and comments to all others at the table. Were they good, or could you have done better ?
And were you afraid or too cautious to make a daring bid or play, which you really should have made?
(Making decisions is a percentage game : the more you get used to making decisions the higher the percentage of your successful ones.)

So next time at bridge you are prepared and ready to improve where you felt you were lacking before.

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