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Overcalls & Take-out Doubles - Facts sheet

When the Opponents have opened the bidding you can make and Overcall with a good 5+card suit. This will disrupt the Opponents' bidding and convey to your Partner which suit to lead in case you end up as Defenders.
  1. Overcall at the 1-level: 8+ points and a 5+card suit with SQ = 7 or better
    Usually 8 losers or less
  2. Overcall at the 2-level: 11+ points and a 5+card suit with SQ = 8 or better
    Usually 7 losers or less
Suit Quality Test (SQ) of your long suit
SQ = number of cards in the suit + number of Honours in the suit
(J and 10 are only counted as Honours when supported by a higher Honour)
Partner will respond with:
0-8   = Pass
9-15 = raise Partner's suit with 3+card support(9-12 = single raise   13-15 = jump raise)
  bid a new good 5+card suit
  bid NT with stopper in the Enemysuit
16+ = raise to Game, or jump shift

Take-out Double
When the Opponents have opened the bidding you can make a Take-out Double(up to and including 4♦) to compete in the auction. You should have 7 losers or less and either one of the following two hands :
  1. With 12-15 points : 0-2 cards in Opponent's suit, and an unbid 4-card major
  2. (or 43+ in the majors if neither major has been bid)
  3. With 16+ points: any shape
Partner's response priorities are :
1. bid his 4-card major
2. bid NT with Enemy suit stopper
3. bid his long minor
Responses are:
  1. 0-9 pts    = bid 4+card suit (but Pass with 0-6 pts if RH Opponent makes a bid)
  2. 10-12 pts = jump bid 4+card suit
  3. 13+ pts   = bid Game, or Cue bid the Enemy suit