Updating Socials, Lessons and This Week pages

The various items on these three pages are listed in unordered lists, a list with bullets in front of each new item. The codes for an unordered list are :

<li> text ..... text .... text ....

<li> text ..... text .... text ....

<li> text ..... text .... text ....

The tags <ul> and </ul> define the length of the whole list.
The <li> commands are the indivdual list items (with a bullet in front when displayed).
Also note the <p> item (p for paragraph) between the list items, so that these are spaced apart when displayed.
You only need to update the actual texts as required, while leaving all coding untouched.
Other HTML commands within the list are :
<b> for bold text
<font color="#000099"> for colouring text in blue
<br> for line breaks

If you need to add and new item simply copy one of the list items and paste it below, as shown on the following illustration.
At times you may want to create a link to a relevant location map. These are all kept in the maps folder on the website.
Simply change the file name to the name of the map required behind "maps/.
The <a href=" is a link command opening the item specified in it.